Heart of Summer
I love summer and never want it to end. Summer is white peaches, bonfires on the beach, swimming in salty ocean waves. It is easy, breezy happiness. It is wearing caftans! I love them and wear them morning, noon and night: to the farmer’s market, to Lambert’s Cove Beach, to cocktail time on the deck. My daughters jumping in and out of them with me. It is all purpose simple summer style. This summer at home on Martha’s Vineyard we are wearing Plume Collection. Brooklyn based Plume Collection founded by Katie Collins, offers gorgeous handmade caftans created by women artisans from around the world. My favorite is the linen charcoal handcrafted in Ethiopia. My sister Sally gasp the other day, when I put it on. After a long day of swimming and sailing on Chappaquiddick, I according to her look instantly glamorous; well, in that romantic wind blown beach resort kind of way. That works for me! My girls, they’re digging Plume’s white bamboo hand woven caftans made in Swaziland. They love the soft fabric. Best of all, Plume is one of those beautiful little companies with a big heart. They closely work with and support women’s economic empowerment programs helping to end the sex slave trade in Africa. Plume is summer style with heart.