Earth Tu Heart
How can you not love a skincare company whose motto is: “You should never put on your skin what you wouldn’t put in your mouth.” All of Earth Tu Heart’s products are 100% natural and made from organic wildcrafted plant extracts that are hand picked by herbalists in California. Free of added water, synthetics, toxins and synthetic compounds, each product is formulated using the best natural compounds the earth has to offer. Every element of their production is created with the profound intention to heal and benefit the world.
The Skin Stick is one of my favorite products. How can you not love a hearty multi-tasker made with 100% compostable packaging. This all-purpose wonder salve made with geranium and vetiver, smells incredible and provides lasting hydration and protection for face, lips, and body; it even prevents and fades scars. But, what I love most about the amazing skin-stick is not just the product but the story behind it and how it was created with complete thoughtfulness as are all their products. As herbalist and co-founder Sarah Buscho explains: “We created biodegradable packaging for our healing Skin Stick from the get- go because we didn’t want to contribute plastic waste to the world’s oceans. What we care about is transparency and we feel that doing the most loving thing should be what all companies choose (instead of profits over ideals) ... creating an everywhere healing balm should be healing to the earth as well as the humans using it.”
Earth Tu Face also makes an exceptional peppermint and vanilla lip balm which is hand made in their apothecary in Oakland. Using real shells as the container, Earth Tu Face has created not only a beautiful and effective protective moisturizing balm but one that is also completely natural and fully biodegradable. Every product's environmental impact is considered and worked through to achieve as positive affect as possible. From the dyes on the label inks to the packaging itself, Earth Tu Face actively makes choices that prioritized the health of individuals and the earth. “The heart + soul of Earth Tu Face is in our philosophy” enthuses Sarah, “The best decisions are those that are best for our Earth and ourselves. In fact there is no separation between us and our planet. That is why we choose to make our products locally, use non-gmo, organic, food grade, and glass and biodegradable packaging. We believe loving the earth is an extension of loving ourselves.” It is easy to love Earth Tu Face. They are one of those exceptional brands that is as beautiful on the inside as the outside. Made by people who share my values and who work hard to create better and healthier beauty products. To further their dedication to benefiting the world, Earth Tu Face funds through the sale of their products many different life enhancing initiatives among them: 5% percent of each sale of the Skin Stick is donated to the Center for Biological Diversity. To honor women and mothers, 5% of the sale of each Body Butter is donated to Planned Parenthood and to honor all humankind, 5% of the sale of each universal Face Serum is donated to the ACLU.