Brave Heart
What’s utterly striking about Frankie Orange is not her purple hair, or radiant skin but her vulnerability. Frankie simply takes your breath away, evoking the famous Freud quote: “Out of vulnerability will come strength.” A single mom, a makeup artist, a native New Zealander, Frankie is raw and human. And she has created a little beauty of a skincare line: The Minimalist. I am completely smitten with her, her brand name, her clean and clever packaging. Her products are the real deal, powerful and effective. Frankie has poured herself into these bottles: the Cleansing Oil, Super Serum, Perfecting Elixir. She is not afraid to let you know that they are not just beauty products to make your skin glow— which they really do— but special formulations she has “created to uplift the soul”. You see Frankie is not afraid to talk about her own moments of struggle. She is wide open about her postpartum blues after the birth of her son Maximilian 3 years ago. Facing this new low, medication was not an option as she wanted her breast milk to be clean and healthy for her baby. She threw out all the chemicals in her home, put away her make up and started making her home life all natural and nourishing. Frankie needed to uplift herself in the months after birth. She found the answer in stolen moments in the bathroom with mood enhancing little jars she started to concoct: neroli to drive away melancholy and invoke joy and happiness; aromatherapy and simple rituals to help her heal. These moments alone when she slowed down and took a breather created a transformative life line. Minimalist formed from Frankie’s desire to share a bit of peace with others. She no longer wears make up, unusual for a make up artists (Frankie doesn’t need to, her skin gleams). Frankie includes a wash cloth colored the same rosy pink as her polishing powder in her boxes, so nobody stresses about staining their white ones. When I use Minimalist, I feel like I am getting a hug and a wink from someone who knows what it is to make it through the tough times with honesty and pluck.
Frankie with her son Maximilian