A Little Gem
Dr. Jean Laing President and Founder of LaGaia is a gem of a human being. I could talk to her for hours. She is fascinating, authentic and incredibly passionate about health and beauty. Dr. Jean has just launched her Unedited Precious Elements Range: a line of powerhouse skincare products developed to restore and maintain skin’s natural pH balance between 5.0 and 6.0, ideal for all skin types. Anti-aging, hydrating, collagen and keratin producing and infused with silica from natural gemstones including rose quartz, amethyst and lapis lazuli, her products deliver remarkably potent results. A few years back, Dr. Jean started adding copper to her formulations after learning the Mayo Clinic uses it to to successfully treat burn victims. Working closely with chemical engineers, she began producing highly effective copper peptide infused gels and mists which work wonders healing and restoring sun damaged skin.
Dr. Jean's love for perfecting skincare began the moment she stepped foot in Australia from Detroit, Michigan 30 years ago. It was love at first sight. While she and her husband, both highly accredited medical professionals, relished the glowing endless sunshine, relaxed lifestyle, and botanically rich landscape, they found the Antipodean sun, with its hole in the ozone, incredibly harsh and capable of burning skin in as little as 5 minutes. Inspired by the abundance of natural minerals in the Australian earth, Dr. Jean began investigating the restorative potential between precious minerals and skin. After much scientific experimentation, Dr. Jean found that high grade precious elements in concentrated doses proved to be a natural skin elixir. Elements such as gold, diamonds, pearls, amethyst and copper noticeably transform skin within weeks, even days. Dr. Jean, explains “Gems are the highest source of silica on earth.” Silica is essential to keep skin elastic and collagen healthy. Additionally, gems work on an energetic level. “They are almost like a tuning fork, holding and directing healing energy: pretty special.”
The gems are ground in Northern Queensland to Dr. Jean’s specifications. Rose quartz and amethyst, both powerful skin hydrators and regenerators turn white ground but lapis amazingly remains blue and makes for a potent natural colored product as found in the Blue Stone Body Cream. Dr. Jean used ground natural pearl for her opulent brightening hydration mask. The highly effective diamond eye gel plumps, tightens and decreases wrinkle depth around the eyes and is made using the essence of diamond. Coming soon, a gold mica body wash which makes skin radiate and glow. Dr. Jean reveals her favorite gem stone is lapis lazuli. “I am drawn to lapis. I just love it. It is the stone that means: “speak your truth”. We don’t always say what is on our minds But they are all beautiful.” When ask her what the gems are in her life, she responds immediately and wholeheartedly: “Health and wellness, love and of course my beautiful family.”
Dr. Jean D Laing D.C, President & Founder of LaGaia with her daughter Kristen Elise Laing-Herbert, style & features editor.